Tulsa Spirit Tours

Teri created and started Tulsa Spirit Tours back in 2003 as a way to educate and entertain locals and visitors alike on Tulsa's Haunted History.  Hers is the original Haunted History tour in Oklahoma and the longest running and most successful selling out year after year by word of mouth alone.

About Tulsa Spirit Tours

A Tulsa Tradition since 2003


Tulsa Spirit Tours has been sharing Tulsa's colorful past with locals and visitors alike for over a decade. The tours began as bus/trolley tour around Tulsa and have grown to include walking tours, pub crawls, Creepy Christmas light tours and haunted travels to out of town destinations!  They are rich in history and dipped with stories that will leave you curious and entertained.  Originally named "Tulsa Ghost Tours" it was constructed by Teri French to educated and entertain the public on Tulsa's haunted past.  The tour was meant to be a one time thing on Halloween but Teri was inundated with calls and e-mails.  So, in hosting a few more at that time, the tours have now become a strong Tulsa tradition today. 

Through the years Teri has changed the tours several times to keep it fresh, interesting and informative.  Due to this, we have a lot of repeat customers because they have come to know, no two tours are alike!   Tulsa Spirit Tours gives a historically accurate account of what life was like when Tulsa truly was the wild west!  A time of cowboys and outlaws as black gold oil lined the streets of Tulsey town.  

Not only do you get to experience this history of when Tulsa was lawless and unruly but you also get to hear first hand accounts of when the PITT team investigated the locations you visit on the tours.  You will hear REAL EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) that the team captured during those investigations.  Hearing some of the creepy recordings will send shivers down your spine and give you an experience like no other tour!  We are one of the only tours in the country that plays real field material to give you an even more personal experience.  

Tulsa Spirit Tours have been featured on Discover Oklahoma, The Travel Channel and were featured in a special publication of Better Homes & Gardens Magazine as a premiere destination for Ghost Tours!  We were also featured on OETA as well as other local and national television shows.  The tours sell out by word of mouth every year which says something in and of itself! If you haven't been on a tour, get a ticket and see what all the hoopla is about! 

Please visit the website for all current tours and scheduling, frequently asked questions and more.  Be sure to visit our Facebook page too for all current events and reviews!  

Tulsa Spirit Tours make a fun and unique gift for holiday's, birthday's and anniversaries.  Private tours and gift certificates available.  We can cater to corporate events, family reunions, and other public and private groups.
Original and unique "first date" idea!



Tulsa Spirit Tours are closed during winter months of Jan, February and March and resume in the Spring. 


How the tours got started....and P.I.T.T.

About P.I.T.T.


The Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa (P.I.T.T.) is one of the longest standing and most reputable team of researchers in the state of Oklahoma. In fact, when the team was founded by Teri French in 1998, there was only one paranormal researcher in the entire state!  

With a deep desire to investigate paranormal phenomena, Teri with friends Tina Stevens and Teresa Wilkins set out to find like minded individuals to do just that.  In her search, she found a group of people in Oklahoma City forming a new team and joined them.  The drive between Oklahoma City and Tulsa eventually took it's toll so Teri started her very own team in Tulsa. She quickly found people who were interested in digging into Tulsa's urban legends and creepy past and the group quickly became great friends.  They all had the same goal and desire to learn more about the afterlife, and the P.I.T.T. was born.  

In the past decade the P.I.T.T. team has done some amazing things.  In 2001 they hosted a local TV series called "Tulsa Haunts" on Fox 23 News where they investigated famous local hot spots around in and around the Tulsa area.  In 2003 the team was contacted by a production company out of Los Angeles, California who wanted their help filming a show for the Travel Channel.  The team helped them with the production of the series "Haunted & Mysterious Rt. 66" and "Haunted Theaters" both which still air on the Travel Channel network today.  

That same production company was so impressed with the team and the fact we were primarily females, they asked if they could use footage from the Travel Channel series to pitch a TV show to a few national media outlets.  One of those media outlets loved the idea and so a series focused on the P.I.T.T. team called "Ghost Mom's" was filmed and aired on Women's Entertainment TV in 2005.  The pilot showcased Teri and her best friend and co-founder, Tina Stevens and other members  as "Mom's by Day & Ghost Hunters by Night".   This show did not go past the pilot stage but was a lot of fun to film and be a part of.  

The P.I.T.T. team was also featured on other local and national shows like the Travel Channel, Discover Oklahoma and has had numerous printed publications about them in various major papers and magazines both locally and nationally.  During this time the P.I.T.T. team showed character and integrity that earned them a reputation within the community as a morally and ethically poised group of researchers.  

Today the P.I.T.T. team is not quite as visible.  With the saturation of paranormal researchers in the community the team has opted to lay low and only investigate historical sites and abandoned buildings in the tri-state area.  The team will go out of state for good locations but is no longer conducting residential investigations due to time constraints and expenses associated with such ventures.  Since the inception of ghost hunting TV shows there seems to be an eruption of ghost hunting teams all over the United States.  The P.I.T.T. team feels this recent growth has caused a saturation of thrill seekers which has compromised the integrity of the paranormal research field.  

Now, Teri French hosts her very popular "Tulsa Spirit Tours" sharing all the sordid history she learned while doing paranormal research in Tulsa's Most Haunted buildings.  In addition to bus tours she offers walking tours, pub crawls, out of state paranormal adventures, symposiums, workshops and more!

The P.I.T.T. team has changed members through the years finally settling on a core group who are not only great friends but also have a common interest in urban exploration.  This same team has been in place for several years and there are no plans to change it as of now.  The team is currently on hiatus and will only investigate historically significant locations when the time and resources allow.